Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Live and Work on Norfolk Island

Is it possible to live on Norfolk Island? Before I went there, I thought that residing on the island was only possible if you could prove links to the island: either through land allocated to convicts who had served their sentence there or by being a descendant of the mutineers of HMAS Bounty.

Wrong. It is possible for anyone to live on Norfolk Island if you can fulfil some simple immigration requirements.

Buying a house and living on the island for periods up to 4 months per year is acceptable. If you prefer to stay in your holiday house for up to six months, policy normally allows this under a variation to a Temporary Entry Permit. Warning though, current policy does not allow you renting your house to tourists while you are not on the island. Tourist beds are strictly controlled to ensure that the island does not over extend its sustainable resources. Although there are no land rates for permanent island residents, absent home owners are charged a rate of 1% of the unimproved land value.
A Temporary Entry Permit can be extended for up to three years if you meet immigration criteria AND have a work contract with a resident (there is zero unemployment on the island and they are keen to keep it that way).

To stay for longer periods, you must make a firm commitment to reside on Norfolk Island permanently and apply for a General Entry Permit. This normally involves the purchase of a business or, failing that, the ability to make a unique contribution to the island by providing a skill or service they require.

To live virtually tax-free (no income tax, low import taxes for top quality shopping), crime-free and pollution-free, consider buying a home and business on Norfolk Island - we are and we are very grateful to all the help provided by Island Realty.

Norfolk Island's real estate experts can help you with your real estate, business investments and enquiries about living and working on the magnificent Norfolk Island:
Island Realty
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Norfolk Island Real Estate

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