Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dars-et ("This is it" in Norfolk)

Norfolk Island has its own language: Norfolk. According to the Norfolk Government site, the language "Developed on Pitcairn Island after the mutiny on the Bounty to enable the English seamen and their Tahitian spouses to communicate, the language developed a unique melding of 18th-century Highlands English and Tahitian that can still be heard on Norfolk and Pitcairn Islands today."

We listened in fascination to the locals who interspersed their conversations with us in both English and Norfolk. A beautiful, flowing and mesmerizing language, children at the Norfolk Island school learn English and Norfolk. What a wonderful way to ensure the language does not die.

Of all the phrases we learnt while honeymooning on Norfolk Island, the one that screams at me today is, Dars-et. Translated into English the term is, "this is it."

Dars-et. Our daughter will be celebrating her 21st birthday on Norfolk Island.

She is the first of us to manage to get back to the beautiful Norfolk Island. I wonder what swear words I could learn in Norfolk!!!!!!


Cristina Rose said...

Hi Megan,
Loved your blog.
We moved here 3 years ago and love it too.
I also have a son with Aspergers so feel connected with you already.
Take care and come back to Norfolk Island soon.

Bigg Fresh Farm said...

Car beat et ("can't beat it" in Norfolk) Norfolk is a wonderful place to live and visit. I have been here 20 years now and have four beautiful island boys to share my life with.

Hope that your daughter enjoys/ed her 21st.
tek et easy

Anonymous said...

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