Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Job on Norfolk Island

Big girl has landed a job on Norfolk Island. Full time in a cafe, she cannot wait to get there. Mother dear is as jealous as hell. Despite the greenery of Norfolk Pines matching the colour of my eyes, I am happy for girl child: Happy that I will have a perfectly valid reason for making regular trips to the island paradise in the South Pacific.

Australia is coming into our winter months and Norfolk Island will be much colder than we are used to in the tropics. Norfolk shipping is expensive and therefore, it is just as cheap for me to fly to the island on mercy trips of taking winter warmth to my darling daughter. Husband thinks not. An accountant, he assures me that Australia Post will safely deliver jumper, jeans and other necessities at a cheaper rate than passenger jets charge. I chose to ignore him.

Working and living on Norfolk Island is possible. Next article I'll tell you how. For now though, all I can say to big girl is, "Welcam tu Norfuk Alien" (Welcome to Norfolk Alien).

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