Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Norfolk Island Wave

Waving to cars is customary on Norfolk Island. A sign of acknowledgment and friendliness, Paul loved it. The immediate sense of community and security (we see you) spoke to him and he took to the Norfolk Island wave like a duck to water. By the time we left the island, he was waving to cars, pedestrians, dogs, cows and chooks!!! Paul loved Norfolk Island as much as I did. That's him pictured atop one of the scenic high spots overlooking historic Quality Row and looking for movement to wave at.

Ma Martin (descendant of Fletcher Christian from Mutiny of the Bounty), owner of Highland Lodge , explained that waving was not expected inside the town grids (a steel grid set into the road to stop cattle crossing while allowing cars to enter without opening gates). We failed to see evidence of non waving within town proper though. Everybody still acknowledged each other with a lift of the finger or a full hand wave.

It was lovely to experience acknowledgement of existence and visitation to Norfolk Island. So different to the busy city life we live with, the sense of individualism and the shunning of community.

Embarrassed at first, I soon recovered and also joined the wave of acknowledgment toward fellow Norfolk Island visitors and residents. However, the charming and quaint wave of Norfolk has become embedded into Paul's mainland driving skill repertoire and he is now receiving angry glares from motorists wondering why the hell he's waving at them.

Get over the wave and go Norfolk. While Paul continues mainland waving, I'm busily searching for air fare specials to take us back to the island paradise in the South Pacific.

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