Friday, April 13, 2007

Norfolk Island Honeymoon.

"We're in love," we announced to Ma Martin, owner of Highlands Lodge on Norfolk Island and direct descendant of Fletcher Christian from Mutiny on the Bounty.

"I should hope so." she waved in return. "You're here on your honeymoon."

"Yes, yes, but we're even more in love than yesterday. We're in love with Norfolk Island."

And so our condoned extra martial affair with Norfolk Island began, just days after we had entered into a legally binding contract of marriage.

In choosing our honeymoon destination we opted for a place that neither had been to before: a symbolic move toward starting our new life as a couple.

"Norfolk Island," I offered in eager anticipation of pending spouse's positive agreement.

His eye's widened and his fingers jittered as though feeling the winnings of gold lotto beneath them. "Lock in it Eddie. Let's do Norfolk."

Known for having made some appalling choices in life, the selection of Norfolk Island as destination honeymoon is proof that I have finally grown a brain. It's about time too because at 43 years of age, I'm much more into quality of life than chasing careers, creating community rather than mortgages and enjoying the time it takes to smell the roses (or hibiscus, as is the case on Norfolk Island).

This is our love story of discovering and enacting our new family tradition of regular meccas to the tiny South Pacific paradise called Norfolk Island. Further, this is our gift to the community of Norfolk Island; our way of encouraging increased visitors to share the amazing culture, lifestyle and generosity.

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